Friday, February 18, 2011

Mini Desserts

I was at the 99 with a friend recently when we both got surprised with free desserts. But there was a catch — it had to be from their Petite Treat menu. That was fine, seeing as we weren't expecting anything to begin with. I got the Jungle Rumble Pie: "creamy banana custard with a rich chocolate crust, drizzled with caramel and chocolate curls." According to the waitress, I was the first person under 60 to ever order that. I'll take that as a compliment!

The 99's Jungle Rumble

I wasn't annoyed at its mini-ness. It was actually pretty good.

I was just looking through the P.F. Chang's menu. I have never been there. I noticed that they as well have petite/mini dessert section. A mini tiramisu? Hell yeah! I checked out the nutrition info:
Mini Tiramisu | Calories 100 | Fat 11g | Sodium 50mg | Carbs 10g | Protein 2g

I like this idea. I wouldn't be surprised if even more restaurants have picked this up. With awareness on health and problems such as obesity and diabetes growing, less people are concerned with getting huge portions at restaurants. That "we're paying a lot of money I want to be full" attitude doesn't exist much anymore. Also, restaurants could make more money with people ordering smaller dishes. Instead of paying $25 for a gut-busting entree, a person may instead opt for a smaller entree and thus have room for a three course meal that would come to $30 or more. More money for the restaurant. More money for the servers, and more satisfaction from the patron. A win-win-win.

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