Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quote of the Week

About 6 years ago I came across an interesting book at Borders and decided to buy it. It was Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. You can find more info about him on Wikipedia.

This passage is important because 5 years ago Lessig was at the forefront of the net neutrality debate:
At the center of the debate is the most important public policy you've probably never heard of: "network neutrality." Net neutrality means simply that all like Internet content must be treated alike and move at the same speed over the network. The owners of the Internet's wires cannot discriminate. This is the simple but brilliant "end-to-end" design of the Internet that has made it such a powerful force for economic and social good: All of the intelligence and control is held by producers and users, not the networks that connect them.
If you're not familiar with current events of the net neutrality battle, I suggest reading about it. In a few years, your ISP could block your favorite website. Your blog could take minutes to load. It could take an hour to send a file to a friend, or days to download a 90-minute softcore porn. But don't worry; we are safe for now.

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