Monday, February 21, 2011

I bought new socks and underwear recently.

Apparently, this means the recession is over???

Really?? I can't speak for everybody, but if I don't have any underwear it's a top priority -- recession or not. I was expecting to see something like jewelery or vacationing on that list. But boxers, plastic surgery, divorce rates? Come on. Those are as good of predictors as the groundhog for predicting weather.

For the past couple of years, the dwindling economy worried a lot of my coworkers at Seabrook Park. They stopped racing the greyhound dogs there because of lack of business. And this was even with greyhound racing about to be made illegal in Massachusetts, which would have meant more business for them across the border in New Hampshire. I was working in the poker room there, and clientele for the poker room was down also. Like that article mentions, the gambling business is a pretty good indicator (as much or more so than malls) of people's willingness to spend money and their confidence in their job security.

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