Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aventus by Creed: First Impression

I mentioned that I will be using this blog to review different men's fragrances. While Creed's Aventus will not end up being my first review, I wanted to mention that I got to sample it today, as well as some others from the line. Aventus was the only one I decided to wear home.

Creed designs high-end fragrances that some say take an acquired taste (er, smell) to appreciate. Also, I am probably not wrong to assume for various reasons (such as price and limited exposure) that their target customers are adults ~30 years old and up. With that in mind, I'm not surprised that they weren't really my style.

I sprayed Aventus 4 times on my forearm. For a good couple of hours I could definitely smell the pineapple. There is a very slight flower smell, possibly attributed to the jasmine. But what I got the most from this is a powerful, manly base. I'm not sure if it's the musk or the ambergris — or both. But this smells very, very manly. I definitely feel too young to wear this. However, it does NOT smell like one of those dark, leathery, cedar-drawer-and-mothballs old man fragrances. If I had to categorize this, I'd call it a "fresh" fragrance. It is subtly sweet; the pineapple is a perfect complement to the rest of it, but it maintains its sweetness even after the pineapple disappears.

I'm intrigued by this... I don't love it... but at the same time it smells sophisticated, seductive and above all NATURAL. I tried some other non-Creed fragrance/cologne on my way out, and it seemed like nothing else even held a candle to this.

The skinny: I would not buy this but might re-sample in the future. I would not recommend this to anybody younger than 28. Aventus is a sweet and fresh fragrance that has a dark side; it would be very appropriate for summer yet wearing it will make you feel undoubtedly, unabashedly like a MAN.

P.S. ― I went out to dinner with my mom. She caught a whiff, said it smelled really nice but something that an older guy or a 'guido' would wear. Ha!

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